Accessibility and usability

YONDELIS has designed and programmed your site meets the guidelines of "Accessibility Guidelines Web Content” (WCAG), the Initiative (WAI)World Wide Web Consortium (W3C). Following these guidelines, which sets international standards in the creation of web content accessible to everyone, have been taken into account the limitations of users due to deficiencies, disabilities or technologies used.

Accessibility Guidelines

  • Separation of content and graphic design Web
  • Use of personal style sheets
  • Navigation without JavaScript enabled
  • Text describing images
  • W3C Standards
  • Keyboard shortcuts for navigation

Usability Guidelines

  • Content and Navigation. Grouping of content, Navigation linear navigation menus and quick navigation.
  • Support and help. Language adapted Preventing Errors, Error Resolution, Supports alternative understanding
  • Style and Design. Typography, scrolling, animations and movements, alternative texts for images.